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Written by john bray   
Monday, 19 December 2005

When I have to die for real, I don't want to look back at my life and have just a long string of I should haves.

- Bob Whitney, in WOTI (Wings on the Internet) [with permission]

I ran into Bob Whitney's thought on a Honda Goldwing mailing list several years ago. He'd just said pretty much my philosophy about things, that I asked him for permission to use his words. He graciously gave it to me.

There seem to be a lot of us who look back, often when its just too late, and find ourselves saying to ourselves something like 'I Sure wish I had done that [something] back then...." And, you know, I just don't want to end up feeling that way about my life as I look back on it. So, go DO it while you can!

Its just like the lesson I learned about making pictures — the scene you didn't take time to photograph today, when it struck you so strongly, won't be there ever again. Worse, there might not even be a similar scene tomorrow. So, go DO it while you can!

So. If I were thee, I'd be wondering what this person looks like. So here it is...


This is what I looked like in 1975==>, jmb shiteating grin - 1975

and and again what I looked like in October, at least one October recently...

john smiles at the camera No improvement, huh? I didn't think so either.












Here are a few tidbits about various stuffies that have been a part of my life. I've been quite interested in a number of things over the past years. Stuff like:

  • Ham radio -- I'm KB6QL in that world.
  • Politics -- I'm a politically liberal person. [I started out life as a ( and very quickly learned better.]
  • Politics -- I'm now a Yellow Dog Democrat. I see so little good in the republican party, I find that i'd vote for the democrat if they were running a yellow dog.
  • Ecology -- I'm a tree hugging ecologically minded person. And, I'm just damn proud of it!
  • UNIX and related topics -- I've worked in and developed software under UNIX for the past 20-odd years.
  • Large format photography and just plain old everyday photography-- mostly black and white. In fact, it was to be able to do some digital editing on the large negatives that got me to get back into personal computers. I have some of those images available for viewing. Soon I plan to have some digital images as well, from my digital camera.
  • Motorcycle touring -- I ride a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle about 20 to 30 thousand miles a year most years. See the links for an account and pictures of the most recent tour.
  • People -- I have had a couple of prior careers, including personal counseling, and Health Physics (that's radiation safety). I've had varied interests, huh? At one point I made my living doing international educational credentials evaluation for university admission. Several times I was called things like Foreign Student Advisor and Director of International Affairs. I really enjoy people watching. People in the aggregate are really quite interesting! And, my friends are very special to me. Meet some of my maniac, wierd friends.
  • Music -- I play at a few instruments, and enjoy classical, blues, rock, and jazz, along with traditional Appalachian music.
  • Woodworking -- I've dabbled in it, but I turn out to have problems with wood dust, what with being an asthmatic, so I don't do so much of that these days.
  • Sailing -- I used to sail a 30 foot sloop called Stargazer, who lived on Grapevine Lake, Texas, near the house. She was a 1979 Seidelman 299, very broad beamed, in a canoe hull design, and consequently, nicely roomy inside for overnights in the cove. And on good wind days, she was great fun to hang onto!
  • Moving around -- until I moved into my house here in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, I really enjoyed living in different places. I grew up in the mountains of east Tennessee, and have lived in Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, and California. And I both enjoyed and learned a lot from almost all those places. Sometimes I miss moving around from time to time. Well, that is, until I think of all the stuff I had to move the last time, and how much more stuff there is now! :-(
  • If you live near upper New York state, you might want to check out my friend Rob's Liberty Boat Tours site. Rob offers tours of the New York State canal system. Pretty neat area, if you were ta ask me. And, yes, I did his website.
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